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OCD Gurus is a privately owned consulting firm specializing in small business development for companies of 100 employees or less. Strategic and innovative, OCD Gurus will organize, customize, and develop your small business so that your company can thrive year after year. 


  • Lead small, privately owned companies to excel in all areas  of business.

  • Assist owners in creating a solid foundation for their team and organization.

  • Set goals that enable increased revenue year after year. 

  • Establish company vision and develop/enhance the brand.

  • Organize, customize, and develop all aspects of your business for long-term success.

  • Website design & management

  • Marketing & branding 

  • Financial planning & invoicing

  • Data strategy

  • Policy and procedure

  • Training & development

  • Employee work-flows

  • Social media

  • Human resources

  • Establish company code of ethics

  • Training & leadership

  • Employee education

  • Organize & customize workspace

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