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OCD Gurus offers a variety of services to meet your small business needs. Our contracts are always customized because every business setting is unique.


Below are OCD's most popular packages. Should one of these be a good fit for your company please let us know. Schedule a free consultation with our team to discuss the details. You may mix and match the services below to best meet your company needs. 



Get the support you need with the Business 101 package:

  • Analyze existing business model

  • Create company phases of growth 

  • Review revenue and set business goals

  • Organize overall office/workflows

  • Develop a project list of key opportunity items

  • Establish proper vendors and networks to expand

  • Assess data management and integrity of it

  • Customize overall best practices

  • Website overview and guidance



Establish your company name and reputation with our Marketing and Branding package:

  • Create/re-do company logo

  • Design paper materials (business cards, letterhead, etc.)

  • Analyze needs of your client and target markets

  • Develop systems for consistent outreach (newsletters, quarterly news, annual gifts, etc.)

  • Organize preferred social media platforms

  • Write creatives specific to company 

  • Maximize website potential

  • Advertising review and planning

  • Research the competition




Human Resources is a challenging department and the rules change often. Let OCD assist with the basics:

  • Employee file structure

  • Policy and procedure review/creation

  • Establish and review company protocols

  • Design a corrective action plan

  • Hiring requirements and processes

  • Termination procedure

  • Timekeeping management

  • Employee roles/pay/benefits

  • Create a plan to maintain employee records




Building company revenue is always the primary goal. Map out your growth potential today!

  • Track daily/weekly/monthly numbers

  • Seek financial saving opportunities

  • Review company gross volume; predict future trends

  • Audit profit/loss (P&L) statement

  • Create a company budget

  • Establish with whom to collaborate with

  • Review company investments and partnerships

  • Manage operating costs (payroll, supplies, insurance, etc.)

  • Analyze funds spent and prioritize investments

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